Darleen Priday, Founder and CEO Darleen has over 30 years experience in Sales and Business Development.

“I am passionate about empathetic and relational sales. After spending over 25 years in leadership roles, I found that so much of sales is inauthentic and forced. I love entrepreneurs and so many of them think they cannot sell. I empower leaders to gain the confidence to sell, as an extension of who they are… yes entrepreneurs, but more importantly, unique individuals.”

Passionate about empathetic and relational sales, Darleen equips business coaches and entrepreneurs with the strategy and confidence to sell their services. Empathetic selling and relationship building are the core of who she is as a person. She has created a unique approach to business development that has been wildly successful for her and her clients. She would love to teach you what she knows.

Darleen lives in the Orlando area with her husband of thirty years, Jay. They have a daughter, Taylor. When not working, she loves spending time with her family, cooking up a storm for family and friends, tackling DIY home projects, and exploring Florida. She is blessed to have an eclectic group of friends that appreciate her sense of humor, and her uncanny ability to send perfect funny memes. She thanks God for all the amazing blessings in her life!